Most people go to college to get a better job – so they can make more money.

But some colleges crank out graduates who go on to make a LOT of money.

According to research firm Wealth-X, here’s a rundown of the top five colleges with the riches alumni:

5. New York University, New York – 828 super-rich alumni

4. Columbia University, New York – 889 super-rich alumni

3. Stanford University, Stanford, California – 1,174 super-rich alumni

2. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia – 1,502 super-rich alumni

1. Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts – 2,964 super-rich alumni

If you think your chances – or your kids’ chances – of striking it rich are low because you’re not going to an Ivy League school, think again. 93 percent of the world’s super-rich never attended a top ranked school. (