The ACM’s reigning Entertainer of the Year, Luke Bryan, wants to hear more women on country radio. 

He tells Entertainment Weekly, “It’s disappointing that it’s so tough for a female artist to break…but I just feel like I don’t know what can be done to solve it... It feels like now is the toughest time ever for women, but I would imagine it’s always been pretty damn crummy... They kind of have to be able to hang with the guys but also be feminine and pretty, and it’s just a tough dynamic when you talk about that aspect… There’s probably not even any merit to what I’m saying, but it’s just stuff I’ve thought about through the years.”

There are only four solo female country artists in the Top 25 on the Mediabase chart this week:

  • Carrie Underwood is at number-eight with “See You Again.”
  • Sheryl Crow is at number-18 with “Easy.”
  • Taylor Swift is at number-20 with “Red.”
  • Miranda Lambert is at number-25 with “All Kinds of Kinds."

Since 2007, Taylor is the only female artist who's had her first two singles break the Top 10.