JD Greene


Email From School

We knew it would happen. Shocked it took this long.  An email from the teacher about Reeese..    My CRAZY kid has started school...  This is the email from the teacher -



I found some hair under Reese’s desk today – I called her up and asked her what it was. Her answer was “maybe it fell out”. I asked her if her scissors cut her hair and she said “no” …… “ I think it just fell out”.

I could hardly keep a straight face as she was certain it just fell out. I told her I was sending it home in an envelope so you could have it and that mom would wonder why her hair was shorter in one spot.

She is so cute you can hardly get mad at her……. But I did tell her that she had to be careful with her scissors or I would have to keep them for her.

Have a good day !!


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